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Training Plans:

Offered in the Training Peaks application to all clients.  A 10% discount is available to all first responders, active and retired military.

Plan A

Premium Coaching Plan

$210 plus tax

Plan B

Custom Coaching Plan

$175 plus tax

Plan C

Internet Coaching Plan

$115 plus tax

Plan D

Customized 12-24 Week Training Plans

$50 - $155

Plan E

Swim Video Analysis (Swim technique/stroke correction/efficiency) - Freestyle only, 4 angles HD video.

$45 for 1 hour one-on-one (sport specific)  

Premium Coaching Plan:  $210 monthly plus tax
This plan includes a customized approach to your specific racing needs.  It will cover each discipline of triathlon in-depth, gear selection, nutrition, and allows for weekly communication with preferred means by the athlete (text messaging, telephone calls, or email).  Additionally, the plan also includes a bi-monthly one-on-one coaching session to make necessary adjustments on sport specific techniques and allow for training plan modifications. 

Custom Coaching Plan:  $175 month plus tax.
This plan includes a comprehensive race plan to optimize the triathlete’s performance with weekly feedback based on data analysis, direct observation of the athlete, and any sport specific focus the athlete would like to improve.  Prior to developing training plans, a review of the athlete’s in-take form will aid in determining race season goals or the athlete's personal goal.  This plan will include weekly communication with feedback on performance, training plan adjustments, and Q & A opportunities.  Once a month, one-on-one coaching sessions will be scheduled as required.

The Internet Coaching Plan:  $115 plus tax (Openings available at this time).

This Coaching Plan is primarily developed for the athlete via Training Peaks Application with feedback by your coach.  This plan is very affordable for any athlete that needs a structured training plan.

Customized 12-24 Week Training Plans:  $120 - $240

This option is ideal for the triathlete seeking an individualized training plan for a specific event built around his or her unique background, experiences and goals but does not need frequent, ongoing interaction with a coach.

Following a comprehensive initial consultation to review your goals, fitness level, triathlon experience and time availability, l will create a customized and phased training plan designed exclusively for you.

Custom training plan options available:

  • Triathlons

  • Duathlons (bike and run)

  • Aquabikes (swim and bike)

  • Running Races (e.g. 5k, marathon, Ultras, etc.)

  • Cycling Events (e.g. century rides)

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