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Athlete testimonial

Nearly ten years ago I started on my endurance training path. First it started with Marathon and cross-country team relays. Then, it transitioned into triathlon. So far, I’ve been blessed to finish six marathons, about 13 half marathon distances, a handful of Olympics and half Ironman distances as well as an Ironman.

I’ve known Marc for many years and asked him to coach my two most recent seasons. My race times and paces are far from that of an elite athlete. Based on how Marc approaches my training, you’d never know it! Using the Training Peaks app, Marc often loads two weeks of training at a time and does a great job responding to my feedback provided through the app.

Marc has coached me through two marathons, a half Ironman distance, two half marathons, an Olympic triathlon, five sprint triathlons and maybe more that I just can’t recall. I highly recommend Marc for his approach, responsiveness and professionalism. He is an all-round great person.

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